Koh Li-Pe

In Tarutao National Park

          One of the Thailand Maldives, the name Lipe Island was derived from the Sea Gypsy who originally inhabited this island many households as mainly fishermen. The island is plentiful with coral reefs and beautiful beaches containing soft fine sand together with coral debris as if striding on the powder of tapioca flour. It is the hub of convenience with many accommodating resorts, restaurants, bars and night clubs. The most popular activity is a diving for viewing spectacular coral reefs and diversified beautiful fishes.     

            Furthermore the viewpoints for sunset beyond the sea horizon at the Pramong and Sunrise beaches under a romantic atmosphere with natural freshness, clear seawater, and many tourist spots in the islands attracted the tourists from every corner of the world. The Tarutao National Park as a part of the Satun Geopark will be a key function to get the UNESCO Global Geopark soon.

Had Pramong Granite

           The site is a sand beach on the northwest part of the Lipe Island with exposures of granite stacks. The rock is characterized by porphyritic texture composed mostly of quartz and feldspars with tiny grains of dark minerals probably biotite and/or hornblende disseminated over the rock. The feldspars are large rectangular crystals.