Had San Lang Mangkorn Tan Yong Po

               It is about 20 kilometers from the Satun City along the way Mueang Satun – Tan Yong Po road and noticing the signposts “Thale Waek”, a word called an island in the Tan Yong Po community. It is a marvelous place in the mid of the Andaman Sea where a 3-kilometer long strip of sand dune emerged over the sea during the low tides mixed with millions of mollusk shells. It is a landform of tombolo connecting the mainland and an islet as if a beautiful moving dragon playing seawater. That is why they call this place as the “Hat Mangkorn” or “Dragon Beach”   

          Tourists can take a long-tail boat tour at Ban Ba Kan Khoei pier, Tambon Tan Yong Po, Mueang Satun for 20 minutes. We can sail to view the Koh Kwang, an islet in the area, and visit to touch the way of life of the Sea Gypsy at the “Pulau Ubin”.