Adang Islands

         Koh Adang, the word “adang” was derived from a Malay word “udang” meaning “prawn” since the prawns are plentiful on the island covering an area about 30 square kilometers. The island has beautiful fine sand beaches surrounded by many islands and islets such as Koh Lipe, Koh Dong, Koh Hin Ngam, and Koh Yang. The island is a paradise for diving with high mountainous area and plentiful ecosystems. Koh Adang is a protected area with no permission for permanent buildings. The tourists can access into the island to visit waterfalls and beautiful scenic viewpoints by getting permission from the national park officers,    

Ko Adang Granite

        The site is a sea coast at the southeast part of the Adang Island. Granite exposed beyond the sand beach is composed of quartz, feldspars and dark minerals. The rock has been weathered to deposit as the beach with sand consisting of grains of quartz, feldspars and dark minerals playing fascinating for the tourists.