Tharn Sawan Waterfall

The waterfall is in a tributary of the Rao Pla stream about one kilometer northeast of Ban Rao Pla. The stream is about 20 meters wide accessible by walking along the stream bank under dense tree canopies. It is consisted of a series of 3 – 4 waterfalls within about 300 – 400 meters in distance. The waterfall is consisted of two levels including the small upper level with three meters high and 25 meters wide and the large lower level with 10 meters high and 20 meters wide.

The Tharn Sawan waterfall is originated from a stream flowing over limestone outcrops with dissolved calcium carbonate and suspended sediments accumulating being many beautiful tufa terraces. The rocks are grey laminated limestone with intercalation between limestone and argillaceous limestone with beds dipped toward the northwest about 18 degrees. The limestone layers are characterized as grooves whereas the argillaceous limestone as ridges. Fine-grained limestone beds are normally 5-10 centimeters thick with hummocky cross-stratification as indication of heavy storm in the lagoon where freshwater lake was affected by seawater. These rock characteristics are regarded as the Lae Tong Formation of the Ordovician Thung Song Group.