Tham Le Stegodon

Tham Le Stegodon is a sea cave in the N-S elongated cliff limestone mountain ranges. Its two stream inlets are in the eastern side of the mountain and a stream outlet in the western side. It is characterized as three crooked tunnels extending to join together in the mountain. The tunnels are 10 – 20 meters wide and 10 – 20 meters high with a total length approximately 3-4 kilometers. The stream outlet in the western side is connected with a brackish stream run through a thicket of mangrove forest that needs to sailing boat about four kilometers to get on the land at Ban Tha Oil pier.

The former name of the Tham Le Stegodon is Wang Kluai cave characterized by a sea cave with seawater intrusions on the western outlet. The two stream inlets in the eastern side are joined together in the cave into a single tunnel and flow out the stream outlet in the western side. The water level in the cave is affected by water from streams and daily sea tides from the western outlet. The kayaking in the cave has to therefore consider the water level in the cave. Discoveries of Pleistocene rhinos and particularly the Stegodon the name “Tham Le Stegodon” or “Stegodon sea cave” is renowned.