Khao Bunthad Wildlife Sanctuary (Satun)

The area is a part of the Khao Bunthad Wildlife Sanctuary about 1.5 square kilometers in area. It is a protected plentiful tropical rainforest area. The terrain is consisted of Ordovician limestone in the south and Cambrian sandstone in the north demarcated by a small creek, Khlong Lam Lon. The creek provides water with some rapids and sand deposits for recreation. The area is densely vegetated by shrubs and large and tall trees under a tropical moist climate. This area had been used by Communist Party of Thailand as an armed forces base. Traces of entrenchment, kitchen, and camps are still left here. Mani ethnic group is still wandering around without permanent shelters

This thicket of forest also includes the tall trees, Koompassia malaccensis, comparable to its counterpart, the fossil trees in Tak Province, Koompassioxylon elegans. It is indicated that the tropical rainforest in Khao Banthad has been survived from its original nature regarding as one of the most plentiful forests of Thailand.

Wang Tainan waterfall has nine storeys located in Khao Banthad Mountain, Palm Pattana Sub-district, Manang District. It was recently discovered due to it was hidden in a deep dense jungle. Accession to the waterfall is only on foot about 8 kilometers in distance to returns or about two hours. It is still in natural beauty and camping is available by getting permission from the wildlife sanctuary officers or keeping contact the Palm Pattana Sub-district Administration Organization in advance at least two working days.