Geological Park Experts of Japan Sharing the knowledge of the development of the satungeopark.

at the administrative organization of the district Tungwa. Thung Wa District, Satun Province. Mr. Anukoon Wongyai Director of Geological Division Department of Mineral Resources Chairman of the Workshop on the Development of the Terrain Park Network in Satun Province To prepare for the UNESCO World Forestry Park network by the Department of Mineral Resources. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Together with a team of experts to establish a geological park network from Japan. And people involved with the Satun Geopark operation, such as Satun Tourism and Sports Office, Satun Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment. Local administration in the area Thung Wa District, Laung District and local network. The area will be on November 28-30, 2560.
Ms.kana furusawa, head of the Japan Earthquake Expert Group, and Dr.Mahito Watanabe, Dr.Hisashi Oiwane and Ms.Youko Tomita, pioneers of the establishment of the Japan Earthquake Park. Drive the park to the network. The Earth’s geodiversity requires a community of partners. The community of the area owner must show genuine sincerity. The desire to make the community or their own would like to be. Or not Do not want to be This is important as a way to continue. Terrain park is everyone’s, not one’s. Different approaches or approaches to work in different areas depend on the context of the area. The Japanese team only introduced the Japanese approach. Needs of UNESCO Only for the cooperation of the community. And most importantly, the connection between the people living in the park gives everyone a sense of ownership. It will be love. Cherish and want to know Want to participate in all the relevant matters. Because those are our own. And we have a stake in them too.
Dr.Mahito Watanabe, a geological expert in Japan, said Satun Geopark was initially assessed in the area by UNESCO’s assessors. At the end of July, 2560, and report the results of the assessment to the UNESCO Board of Directors in China. In September 2017, the first results will be announced in April 2018. Previously, we were able to see the results of the assessment on the UNESCO website in December, 2016. For Satun Geopark, Thailand will become a member of the UNESCO GLOBAL network. Geopark or not, but we have a proud thing is the cooperation of the Thai people of Satun to develop and promote Satun Geopark as a tourist. The geological unit, the first of its kind in Thailand.