Tarutao Trilobites

Type of site: fossils

Location: Mo Lae Bay, Tarutao Island, Ko Sarai Sub-district, Mueang Satun District, Satun Province, about 4 kilometers south of the Tarutao National Park Office.

The site is a rocky shore in the south of the Mo Lae Bay as the stratigraphic type locality of the Tarutao Group. Dense joint sets are spectacular structures at some places. The rock is thin-bedded to medium thick beds of brown to greyish brown sandstone, siltstone and shale with general cross bedding structures and abundant fossils. Fragmentary trilobites were reported from the site including Lichengia ? tarutaoensis, Lophosaukia cf. jiangnanensis, Micragnostus sp., Quadraticephalus planulatus, Leiostegiid, Shumardiid, Szechuanella ? cf. damujingensis, Thailandium solum and Tsinania cf. nomas. Depositional environment was under a seashore during the Late Cambrian Period.