Satun Geopark Fossil Festivals

The Satun Geopark Fossil Festivals were held due to the Satun Geopark area is a prosperous land of Paleozoic fossils ranging in ages from 540 to 250 million years old together with Pleistocene fossils about 2.58 million years old. It has been widely accepted that the Satun is the most abundance of fossils in southern Thailand. Networked agencies in the Satun Province are continuously collaborated to hold the Satun Fossil Festivals for some years to give knowledge for children, youths and general people about the local geological resources. This is also to publicize the tourist spots in the Geopark areas. The most importance is to gear up the Satun Geopark to be a member of the UNESCO Global Geopark by developing a stable foundation for sustainable growth according to the UNESCO’s criteria.