Khao Daeng Nautiloids

Khao Daeng is a 2.5 kilometers N-S mountain range with a peak 236 meters above sea level shifted toward the north and down slope to the south. The site is the foothill on the western side of the cliff mountain as a characteristic of talus, a pile of rock fragments in various sizes. The rocks are grey and red limestone with stromatolitic structures. General gastropods and nautiloids are preserved in the rocks as a characteristic of the possible Pa Kae Formation. It is regarded as extending from the north, Ban Pa Fang. No confirmation can be made for the certain rock formation. The overlying rock beds are needed to further survey to consider their relationship in term of a stratigraphic correlation.   

Nautiloids are a group of mollusk. Its shellis divided into chambers that are filled with gas, exposing only its head and tentacles to the outside world.