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Sungai Upe Indigenous Pepper Community Enterprises

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Address : 118 Moo 6, Thung Wa Sub-district, Thung Wa District, Satun Province 91120

Tel : 09 1024 0988 /09 1024 0988

Registration: 5-91-06-01/1-0041

e-mail : E-mail -tipong.siripong


In early 2014, the economy, rubber, palm oil, etc. didn’t know what to do, and i thought for a long time, what strengths are there that will cause income for the family members of the community? A picture of a childhood that used to roam mischievously in his father’s pepper garden. It happened in the mindset. The pictures of the brothers using a hose to spray water on pepper. In addition to listening to the stories, the archives of Suwai Ope pepper, which have made the most of the prosperity of The City of Sungai Upe in the past, have increased interest in pepper. Pepper became more evident in the idea, so i consulted with relatives and friends who were interested in the area with the traditional Sungai Ope native pepper grown in the neighborhood. There’s very little left. The new generation is hardly known for the conservation of the revival. Therefore, there is a common opinion to grow local pepper, Sungai Upe, and established a community enterprise under the name “Sungai Upe Indigenous Pepper Community Enterprise”. Initially, there were seven members of the relatives. 20 trees from the neighborhood, approximately October 2014 at Moo 6, Thung Wa Sub-district, Thung Wa District, Satun Province, around the end of 2018. In terms of the processing of pepper products, “Sungai Ope Pepper Snack and Sungai Up Pepper Filling”. About 22 members of the community joined in to conserve local wisdom. On May 10, 2014, there were approximately 7 members of the group and 25 members registered community enterprises. On November 6, 2018, the name “Sungai Upe Indigenous Pepper Community Enterprise” was established. Today, the group has tried to preserve the wisdom of growing traditional pepper, such as growing native pepper in the local area using monkey stales. Compost Pepper fermentation, drying Pepper processing is a pepper snack, and in the future i want to do pepper balm. It is thought to be a monetization activity. Promote community tourism On the other hand,

Vision & Vision

“It is a manufacturer and exporter of quality, delicious and beautiful products, as a souvenir of the community and provinces.