Pha Cha-do Viewpoint

Pha Cha Do is about an hour away from the park’s residence on Adang Island. Hikers can experience the panoramic viewpoint. The view of Koh Lipe to the south and the large little islands that surround Koh Adang is clear. The “Pha Chado” observation deck is perfect for taking yourself up to see the sunrise and sunset. It’s a granite cliff that invites you to sit back and see the sky. It’s a rock yawn where the painter should suffocate and paint paint paint on the horizon, and it’s a rock yawn where a poet should pick up a notebook to cast a poet to a young woman. In the past, pashado was once a pirate’s observation point. Used to see the target cargo ship passing by. Before the attack, he stole valuables, mentioned the story of the pirates. It is a remote land that is bordered by Malaysia. With the islands on the Andaman Coast, The authorities see this as the right place to establish a self-practising settlement, or Tarutao Correctional Facility, to choose Koh Tarutao as its center and expand to Koh Adang – Ravi Koh Lipe. About 70 political prisoners (with the king of the right, or son) Geologists included) were transferred from Bang Kwang prison to the island. The director of the settlement, the days of creeping up with the shortage of hardship. In the great Battle of Asia Burapha A group of prisoners then chose a way to take the boat out to ask for food supplies from the passing ship. Later, it began to turn into a robbery, and it became involved to the warden, until the director of the settlement became a huge pirate movement. It’s a deadly land that no one wants to see. A shipping route between Adang island and Central Island. Before passing through Langkawi, it was also one of the areas listed on the map that there were several robberies, and it would not be unusual for PhaSado to be used as an observation point for the target boat. With a high-looking landscape in the distance. The legendary Taru tao pirate ended up with a verdict under the law of the city. The co-conspirators have long been punished, and the Hell’s Island has gradually transformed into a secluded paradise island that travelers aspire to visit once.